Monday, March 12, 2012

Sore throat

I've a sore throat, poor me, it means I mightn't even make my course thing tomorrow night, which is sad, as I also managed to miss it last week... So here is a tiny snippet of creativity that I managed to get down this evening... - though you should really check out Emerging Writer's Wedding poems if you want to see some real gems. I put mine in the comment box. seriously, everyone should do one - they're brilliant.

Danger mouse has graduated, by the way, to mocking his parents - when he goes to chew through a wire with his little Danger teeth and we say "aah Ah" in that all-knowing and authoritative way we have, he actually laughs, and says it back to us... All that's left now is for him to be completely mortified by our presence and we'll be fully fledged parents.

Anyway - here's my little effort, that may not even be a poem at all, since it doesn't rhyme or do anything much of any great importance... maybe its modestly is its greatest strength.

Sleep wants you

Sleep wants you so bad it writes your name in the air
It laughs at all your jokes, widens its eyes at your anecdotes
Makes your eyelashes want to hug, tug tug tugs them together
Answers teen magazine questionnaires to find out if you’re interested
Waits for you at the end of every long and lolling day
Warm arms enfold you in everything your mind wanted to do
And everything you’re scared of
While your body turns a blind eye
Sleep loves you, even when your mouth is slack
When the saliva drizzles softly past your chin
Or skin is twitching with weird imaginings
Sleep creeps through your every part
Relishing the journey


The Dead Acorn said...

"It laughs at all your jokes, widens its eyes at your anecdotes"

That's my favorite thing about sleep.

And mocking parents is perhaps the most important stage of childhood.

Dominic Rivron said...

Definitely one to save for the bed-shop this December. Roll on IPYPIASM 2012!

Have a sore throat too, if that's any consolation.

Niamh B said...

Tks Acorn - good to know it's normal, of course I knew it was normal all along - what I didn't know is how amusing it is for the parent - I mightn't have done it all these years if I'd known!
Tks Dominic - it definitely helps to know there are other sufferers - does your sore throat look like the inside of Daniel O Connell's crypt - pictured in the post?

Rachel Fox said...

Very soothing this poem. I might even go back to bed!

Emerging Writer said...

I recommend you all go over to my blog and read Niamh's heart-warming poem. It made me laugh on the train, silently until snot came out of my nose.

Dominic Rivron said...

No, thankfully. It's not so bad even though I have to talk all day every day at work.

That crypt certainly looks the part. Does it feel like you swallowed a hedgehog whole?

The Bug said...

I don't think sleep really wants me so very much - at least it seems to be snubbing me lately. Sigh.

Louise said...

Ok I'm a fan but your poem is great! I've been der, worn the t-shirt- blah, blah, and oh yes, blah:) Going over to read ur poem on emerging writer!

Niamh B said...

Rachel - I hope you did!
Emergng - that was deffo in my top two poems written on monday.
Good stuff Dominic - not quite a whole hedgehog, maybe a spine or two - on the mend now happily.
Sorry to read that Bug, it's a pain when you can't get enough.
Hope you enjoyed it Louise, write your own while you're at it!! great fun

Totalfeckineejit said...

Sleep avoids me like people avoid vomit on the pavement. Neato poem though!