Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Curious incident

So, baby only wakes twice at night, which is pretty good going, but each time spends between 1 and 4 hours awake, he's the creative type, experimenting with time, challenging the accepted norms of what we treat as daytime, and how we conventionally behave at night...
Anyway, during on of these wakenings in recent nights i took a sip from the pint glass of water beside the bed (a pint glass that used to be present for very different purposes, staving off hangovers etc) Terrifyingly, I felt between my lips - along with the refreshing liquid - something small, hard, and definitely unwaterlike. I hadn't been awake enough on picking up the glass to know for sure what was in it, so I spat - only to find a sad little "dead of natural causes" earwig sinking to the base.
When Mr VC awoke in the morning I told him of my ordeal, holding up the glass itself for proof if proof were needed
"This earwig was in my mouth last night" I said
"Wouldn't that be a mouthwig then?" he asked


Totalfeckineejit said...

There was a young mother called Niamh
some refreshment she sought to achieve
but her refreshing cool swig
contained a earwig
when her thirst she tried to relieve

Gerry Snape said...

Oh the many joys of motherhood and this must be one of the nicer ones!! Glad to see you have your sense of humour....still!

Domestic Oub said...


We discovered a giant insect in the kitchen this afternoon. We had never scene anything like it before.

I suspect an secret invasion. First the earwig slipping in at night, then the follow up forces during the day... BugKreig!

120 Socks said...

Mr VC is a very fast thinker in d mornings - sounds like he might be getting too much sleep - give him a dig every now and then during d early hours!

Titus said...

I can't only see the glass as half-full. Thank God it was already dead.
Have you done the baked beans cold out of the tin yet? That was one of my staples.
Punch husband.

Titus said...

That's can. Can. In the first sentence. I think the baked beans memory threw me.

The Dead Acorn said...

Oh dear god ... earwigs are the devil's own personal bug. They burrow in, you know, and lay eggs in your brain. You're moving, I assume? Because where there's one, there's twenty, and where there's twenty ...

the watercats said...

I hate earwigs.. the only insect that makes me squeel like a girl, bleh, bleh and bleh!
and you have to go for 'Danger', I knew a Danger Murphy once at school, there was also a Spud Murphy, think it might be a second name associated nick-name thing?, like Peckers and Dunnes? God I think I've gone gibberish.
Good to hear the small fella is settling into life so well, he'll be in school in the blink of an eye, enjoy every sleepless moment (how smug does that sound!, lol)

ManAboutForty said...
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ManAboutForty said...

Once, a mother an earwig did savour,
While her new-born slept sound in his manger,
Had she shrieked at her plight,
In the dead of the night,
His condolences would be no greater.

Dominic Rivron said...

This rash of limericks made me thing it was time for a haiku.

A glass of water:
the last place you would expect
to find an earwig!

Words A Day said...

or a waterwig? I agree with Socks someones getting way too much sleep!

Niamh B said...

Tks TFE, great limerick!
tks Gerry - ah there's a lot nicer than this!!
Oub!! we'll have to flea Lucland!
Socks - think the sleep deprivation actually helps him think perhaps! deffo makes him more likely to say crazy things to tired women.
Titus - I hope it was already dead, no cold baked beans... yet!
Acorn - we are going to flea in another few months..
cats - very!! ah not really - I know it's a short time he'll be this small, so tryin to enjoy it!
Again MAF - great limerick and Dominic love the haiku - glad this post inspired so much poetry!!
Words - Waterwig is a great word! You must be getting a lot of sleep and all!!!